Permanent makeup is a great responsibility, which is why we are constantly searching for even better solutions. Thanks to the gained experience, the BIOEVOLUTION company is associated with reliability and the highest quality. Every satisfied Customer is our best recommendation. We work every day to meet your expectations. Thank you for your trust.


Our basic criteria are SAFETY and HIGHEST QUALITY. There is no room for compromise in permanent makeup. BIOEVOLUTION devices are characterized by extraordinary precision, which we achieved using the latest technologies and the highest quality materials for production. Our permanent makeup devices meet all European quality standards.


During the permanent makeup treatment, the continuity of the epidermis is broken and there is contact with blood. Our patented system of sterile needle-cartridges with an internal membrane protecting against secondary infection and a system of disposable accessories make the treatment safe for both the customer and the person performing the procedure. When it comes to safety, we do not accept any compromises.



Knowledge and experience. We offer original training programs in the field of permanent makeup and microneedle mesotherapy. Our trainers are experienced pedagogues who combine theoretical knowledge with many years of practice. Being aware of the great responsibility involved in making permanent makeup, we invite you to constantly deepen your knowledge and skills on our training and seminars.


Our mission is to promote concepts, devices and technologies that are safe for health. Our products include only permanent makeup and microneedle mesotherapy devices and systems, that meet the highest safety and hygiene criteria. We also continue working on solutions that increase precision and minimise discomfort,
when implanting pigments into the skin.



Our products are available through a network of authorised distributors.


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to help you promote your services.

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